Framasoft, it’s also…

Framasoft (that’s us!) is known for maintaining and offering many online services (Framapad, Framaforms, Framadate, etc.). However, our small association leads, pursues or participates in many actions aiming at facilitating emancipation through digital technology.

From PeerTube to the support of the culture of the commons, from Mobilizon to the animation of the collective CHATONS, from mediation tools to popular education projects… All our actions – even our stupid ones! – are financed to more than 93% by your donations (66% deductible for French taxpayers).

Here is an overview of what you will help to achieve if you decide to support Framasoft.

…about people getting together

Framasoft is above all an association under the French law of 1901. This collective of 37, including 10, dreams, imagines, experiments… And above all, it carries out concrete actions!

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

How can we work together in confinement, and make collegial decisions without leaving anyone out in the cold? This requires a lot of work and listening, as for example to facilitate a self-managed general assembly of 15 workshop-visits over 3 months!

Creating a donation campaign for Framasoft is a moment that mobilises the whole collective, and not only because your donations make our association! These campaigns are, for us, an opportunity to take stock of our actions and intentions, in order to better present them to you.

Thanks to you, Framasoft has a team of 10 employees. This is an opportunity (maintaining the servers, managing projects…), but also a huge responsibility. In addition to the administrative side, we have to build a happy team where it is good to work.

When we are taken a little too seriously (or when one of us has ankles swell), we remember that Framasoft is also the Framaprout service (gastro-dadaisy revolt), and articles from the 1st April punctuated with nonsense.

…the hosting of online services

Yes: “Frama is not only about pads”, but also a bit! Framasoft offers about fifteen online services. We want these services to be a first step on the road to digital emancipation for those who use them. We estimate that they benefit nearly one million people every month.

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

Whether it’s collaboratively determining the best date and time for a meeting, or meeting, or creating a mini-survey very simply, Framadate is the tool you the right tool for you. With over 400 surveys created per day, our alternative to Doodle is very appreciated.

Framapad is used to write a text online, with several people, in real time, with the help of a history, chat, comments… This alternative to Google Docs works without an account or registration. Framasoft hosts an average of 380,000 pads.

Framaforms is used to create online questionnaires, whether they are simple or complex. Framasoft guarantees to host them on a platform that respects everyone’s data and answers. Framaforms hosts approximately 120,000 forms.

Framapad, Framadate, Framaforms… are part of the 16 online services of the De-googl-ify Internet project. From videoconferencing to diaries and discussion lists, Framasoft opens these services to more than a million users every month.

…about mediating the digital commons

Passing on knowledge, sharing experiences, going out to meet different audiences to better tackle this digital world together… At Framasoft, we are experimenting with all sorts of ways to share our expertise with people who offer us theirs.

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

Living in the four corners of France, the members of Framasoft members regularly take part in events. From workshops to webinars, from conferences to film-debates, we share our observations, fears and hopes about digital technology and the world it shapes.

Framasoft almost never seeks media attention, because it’s a lot of work! However, we regularly respond to invitations to share our views on the centralisation of the web, emancipatory digital practices, etc.

With more than 10 articles per month, it is on the Framablog that Framasoft expresses itself the most. Press review, announcements of the association, interviews, pamphlets, news from the world of Free Software… We try to open the Framablog to multiple forms of writing, and to various guests.

The Framalang working group translates articles, websites and books into French - in complete self-management… The digital world sometimes excludes non-English speakers, which is why Framalang publishes its translations on the Framablog.

The Framabook publishing house is changing and becoming “Des Livres en Communs”. For several months, Framasoft has been preparing the rebirth of this historic project of the association, with a change of paradigm to better support the creation of cultural commons.

This Free, Open, Autonomous and Decentralised People's University is beginning to germinate in our work. It is prefigured by a podcast and “free courses”. UPLOAD still needs to grow, taking inspiration from the popular education movements, before finding its form.

…people at the service of the services

It’s all very well to offer fifteen or so online services, but they don’t run by themselves! Making a service pleasant, reliable and easy to use requires a lot of work. Indeed, behind the machines, there are always humans, even when it is simply a matter of even when it’s just a matter of highlighting the online tools offered by other trusted hosting providers.

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

We are in the process of re-imagining each homepage of the online services we offer. This page should give a clear picture and direct access to the service, while informing about what it does, its limits, its conditions, its purpose…

Our technical team ensures meticulous maintenance of the servers that make up our infrastructure. Updates, backups on different sites, renewal of ageing equipment, fight against spam… Maintaining the services is a constant task.

Every month, Framasoft receives and processes more than 400 requests. From “I’ve lost my pad” to a workshop request, from a need for help on Framaforms to a radio interview, we do our best to answer you and to empower you in your use of our tools.

Framasoft wanted to take advantage of the closure of some of its services to present you a page that directs you to the same services, maintained by others. These trusted hosts thus help us to facilitate the decentralisation of digital uses.

…tools for emancipation

Sharing knowledge is sharing power. At Framasoft, we make it a point of honour to produce, in various forms, tools to tools to share our knowledge, know-how and skills… We hope to contribute to the empowerment and digital emancipation of the beneficiaries of these tools.

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

This online and self-guided course is open to anyone who wants to move towards a digital emancipation. The 1st module “Internet, why and how to take back control” compiles our knowledge about the internet, the toxic hegemony of GAFAM and ways out.

[RÉSOLU] is a guide composed of practical sheets to help social and solidarity economy structures of the social and solidarity economy to adopt free and ethical and ethical digital solutions. Co-constructed with the CÉMÉA movement, this guide can be modified, improved and distributed freely.

Metacards are (physical) card games where each card is augmented by (digital) resources. Framasoft contributed to the production of the game “Numérique Éthique” which facilitates mediation towards healthier and more serene digital practices.

From the general documentation of the services we host to the specific documentation of the software we develop (PeerTube, Mobilizon, Yakforms)… Every year, Framasoft writes, maintains and updates many lines of text!

…contributions in an archipelago

Framasoft sees its network of partnerships as an archipelago. Indeed, we don't need to agree on everything all the time (each partner lives on its own island) to see that we share the same values (that we swim in the same waters).

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

Through our actions, meetings, sharing… Framasoft evolves. Our vision of society and the place we wish to take in it also. For a few months now, we have been working on defining our values and intentions in order to elaborate a clear and sincere manifesto.

L. A. Coalition is a collective of associations fighting for progress and social justice. Its objective is to promote and defend Associative Freedom. Framasoft helps and advises the collective on its digital tools and uses.

Software that allows you to create an online petition platform, Pytition is developed by the association Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire. Framasoft supports Pytition in many ways, with the objective of seeing a general public version born.

Contribateliers are workshops where you are invited to contribute to free projects, even (and especially) if you don’t know how to code. Our association is working to ensure that these Contribateliers develop everywhere in France, and even online with the Confinateliers!

This Collective gathers Alternative Hosting Companies which, everywhere in France (and even beyond), offer online services that can be trusted. Framasoft leads this collective and accompanies its growth in order to make it autonomous.

In order to count volunteer hours in an association under the 1901 law (and open up rights to training, etc.), using proprietary software is out of the question! Framasoft participates in the collective that develops and improves the free software Benévalibre.

In 2020, Framasoft published a directory of free digital support. This “snapshot” lists many profiles, from volunteers in digital integration associations to professionals in free software training.

Framasoft regularly makes its expertise and resources available to other initiatives and collectives. We can mention, for example, Exodus Privacy, Faire École Ensemble, InterHOP, Datagueule, Contribulle, Thunderbird, Entrée Libre, la Bataille du Libre…

…software to free up uses

Ah, the time is long gone when we said “Framasoft promotes free software, and develops (almost) none”. Because we want different tools than those designed by the giants, we develop them ourselves… and we contribute to those of others.

Read a detailed description of these actions on our blog

PeerTube is an open source software that democratises video distribution, as it allows hosts to create YouTube-like video platforms. These platforms can link together to show a wider range of videos while remaining independent.

Mobilizon is a free and federated alternative to Facebook events and groups. Mobilizon is not a social network, and does not promote egos. Groups, on the other hand, can discuss, share resources, publish articles and organise their events.

Yakforms is the software that runs our Framaforms online forms service. Installed on a server, it generates a site where you can publish forms, see the results, etc. Framasoft now wants to give this software to the community.

We often contribute to the code of software we use. We have, among others, worked on Sympa (Framalistes – group emails), Nextcloud (Framadrive and Framagenda – storage, synchronization, contacts calendar…) or Framadate (alternative to Doodle)…

Support Framasoft

Support Framasoft

Because freedom doesn’t mean it’s free…

Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can only keep running thanks to your donations. Do you like what we do? Do you think we’re going in the right direction? If so, and you’re able to make a donation, we’d very much appreciate it!

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In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66%, your donation of €10 will cost you only €3.

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  • Recurring donations can be stopped anytime, just ask us.
  • If you want to modify your recurring donation, please contact us, we will stop the current one and you will be able to make a new one.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April 2023 (before tax declaration) for 2022 donations
  • Financial and activity reports can be found on the not-for-profit page
  • If you have more questions, you may find answers there

Why support Framasoft?

Thanks to your money…

Share in person
Your donations allow us to participate in nearly one hundred events each year. We bring physical tools (Metacards, guides [Résolu], Framabooks, Flyers) to better approach the digital world.

Promoting popular education
Framasoft is committed to popularizing digital emancipation towards the by contributing to concrete tools made by and for a greater number of people, by contributing to concrete tools made by and for people involved in popular education. [1], [2], [3]

Consolidate what serves you
The directory Framalibre, the publishing house Framabook, the Framablog, the De-google-ify Internet services, the actions of Contributopia... exist only thanks to your support. Bring them to life!

Contribute to other communities
We want to put our tools at the service of people who work for a contribution company. Framasoft navigates in an archipelago of communities with similar values, and contributes to common actions in exchange and mutual aid.

Maintain the technical tools
Framasoft is about fifty open source sites and services, deployed on about thirty servers. Our members ensure the maintenance, the support, the animation and the update. Your donations ensure that it is free of charge for everyone.

Drawing a new digital horizon
The MOOC CHATONS, PeerTube, Mobilizon… Thanks to your donations, we design and produce user-friendly digital tools, that emancipate themselves from the laws of the economy of attention to better respect what connects us.

Framasoft in 2020

Key metrics

  • 21 years of existence
  • 37 members and 10 employees
  • 33 projects (16 ethical online services)
  • 700 contributors
  • 12,302 patrons
  • 4,000,000 visits per mounth
  • 1,284 free resources in our directory
  • 2,622  blog posts
  • 100 events each year to talk and reach different audiences

SourcesMore infos

Find our where your money goes

Your donations ensure our independence (93% of our income in 2020).

Because creating and maintaining ethical digital tools requires time and human talent, the bulk of our time and talent is spent on the budget is used to compensate (as fairly and equitably as possible) our employees and service providers.

Each year, our accounts are audited and validated by a statutory auditor. independent accounts (we publish reports on this page).

  • Employees: 77%
  • Servers and domains: 6%
  • Operating expanses: 4.5%
  • Events and meetings: 2%
  • Communication: 1%
  • Project providers: 4%
  • Banking fees and taxes: 5.5%

(data updated the 9/29/2021)

Questions and contact

General questions

I want to learn more about Framasoft.

Framasoft has contributed to so many actions since the creation of the collective in 2002 (and of the French not-for-profit association in 2004) that it’s complicated to be both exhaustive and succinct! You can however consult:

Can I become a member of the Framasoft association?

No: Framasoft is an association by cooptation.

Indeed, we believe that it is not necessary to be a member of Framasoft. to come and contribute to our actions. Anyone can come and lend us hand on most of our projects (a good way to begin maybe to introduce yourself on the Framacolibris forum, and we are learning how to welcome volunteers (we still have a long way to go, please be patient with us!).

The cooption of members allows us to create a solid core of people to maintain the legal structure (the association according to the 1901 act, French law) which allows all our actions to exist, while making sure that we share values, methods (and a certain taste for self-derision).

Those who want to support us without volunteering can simply make a donation.

I can’t make a monthly donation, but I still wish to support Framasoft, what can I do?

Thank you for your kindness and your commitment.

First of all, please know that you can make a one-time donation. directly from the page

Framasoft is looking for volunteers. No matter how much available time you have and whatever your skills are, you can probably help. Let’s talk about it in the Framacolibris forum!

Finally, a great way to support us is by simply promoting our values and tools to others, and share what we do all around you.

Would Framasoft be interested in an influencer partnership? An exchange of links? A product placement or publi information?

Let’s be crytal clear: NO.

We believe that the values of popular education, knowledge and information commons and digital hygiene that we defend every day are incompatible with the advertising industry.

We see no interest in posting and distributing advertised content: we believe that our Internets, our attentions, our collective brains (yours and ours) are worth better than that.

Questions about your donation

I have made a donation, but I do not yet have a receipt to benefit from the tax deduction.

It’s OK: we send all donation receipts from one year around March/April of the following year, prior to the period for French tax filing.

However, if you would like to receive it sooner, or if you do not have it by March/April of the year following your donation, we will gladly edit you a copy.

To get one, please contact us through this form.

I made a monthly donation but I made a mistake in the amount I would like to donate. How can I modify it?

First of all, thank you for your generosity.

Technically, we cannot change the amount of a recurring donation for future withdrawals.

However, we can still stop them anytime you want!

To do so, please contact us here. We will then invite you, if you wish, to renew your donation on the next month with the right amount.

Alternative donations: can I make a donation in Bitcoin or via Lilo, Flattr, Tipeee, Benevity etc…?

These kinds of initiatives may be honorable, but for our association… it leads to an excessive accounting workload (numerous entries, checks, etc.) which in fact translates into additional costs (of )employee time and/or accounting expertise).

Our experience lead us to think that the sums that we would get from those kind of donations would not suffice to cover the additional expenses incurred by the extra accounting work.

That’s why we prefer to hold on to the donation system we propose, which has the added advantage of be able to offer a tax deduction (at least to French taxpayers).

I’m currently donating monthly but my credit card has expired, what can I do?

Normally, your recurring donation will be automatically stopped when your card is expired (and/or deactivated).

To update your payment informatons with Framasoft, just fill in the form on the page as if it were your first donation.

Contact us

You can contact us through our contact form.