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Framasoft favours recurring donations to continue its action in a serene and lasting way.
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In France, thanks to the tax deduction of 66 % , your donation of €10 will cost you only €3.4 monthly. Information on tax exemption


  • Recurring donations can be stopped at any time on request.
  • If you wish to modify your recurring donation, contact us, we will stop the withdrawals and you can make a donation again.
  • Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by email in March/April 2020 (before the tax return) for donations made in 2021
  • The activity and financial reports of the association can be consulted from our page of presentation of the association
  • For practical reasons, we do not accept donations from micropayment platforms (Lilo, Flattr, Tipeee…).
    We also do not accept donations in crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Ether, Monero…) but we observe with attention free currency Ğ1.
  • If you have other questions, the answers may be there

Why support Framasoft?

Framasoft in numbers

  • 16 yo, 1 non-profit of 35 members et et 7 employees
  • 1 network, 4 000 000 visits per mounth
  • 27 servers, 48 virtual machines, and ±90 applications deployed
  • 54 online projects, among them 32 « De-google-ify Internet » services
  • 673 free resources in our directory
  • 2 148 blog posts
  • 20 000 pools created each mounth on Framadate
  • 41 806 members on Framasphere (social network)
  • 200 000 pads hosted on our servers
  • 156 530 users of Framalistes (mailing groups)
  • 100 events each year to talk and reach different audiences

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5 good reasons to support us

1. Because mass surveillance is real.

The NSA (and DGSE), Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple… the E. Snowden revelations have shown that the worst nightmares of computer activists have become true. We are locked in services, tools and a culture that centralize our data and use it happily. The only solution lies in the use and education of software and services that respect OUR fundamental freedoms.

2. For more free-libre alternatives.

For 16 years, Framasoft has been a French-speaking gateway to the world of software and free culture. A link between developers of free solutions and the general public. The success of the alternative services of “De-google-ify Internet” shows that it is possible to respect people and their data. We want to go much further, and only with your support will we be able to offer more and better services.

3. Because we are the good gals & guys!

Framasoft members are retirees, salaried employees, unemployed, teachers and students… People who are not necessarily specialized in computer technologies, but sufficiently aware to know that Free-Libre and Open-Source is a solution. So we commit ourselves to an ethic on a charter, and we take our time to showcase and propose more Free-Libre solutions to a wider audience.

4. Because your donations are our independance.

As soon as you click, share, use software or a site/service: you give it value. It’s the economy of attention. This attention is then monetized in the form of advertising and sale of your data (Facebook, Google, Twiter, Microsoft, etc…) or in the form of closed purchases (Apple, Amazon). This attention can also create value in the form of donations, sharing and contributions (Wikipedia). It is our operating model, which makes us independent from the laws of the market while leaving our donors free.

5. To change the world together.

Yes, nothing less. Project after project, we demonstrate that free-libre, simple, respectful and community alternatives are possible. In our collaborative publishing house authors offer their digital books and are paid on paper sales. Our De-google-ify services, are more and more used… There is still a long way to go, and we can continue with your support. As we say in our non-profit: “It’s a long ride, but it’s a free way”.

Find our where your money goes

  • Employees: 70%
  • Servers and domains: 6%
  • Operating expanses: 6%
  • Events and meetings: 10%
  • Communication: 2%
  • Goods: 3%
  • Banking fees: 3%

Thanks to your money…

Popular education
By proposing concrete applications, Framasoft is committed to popularizing free-libre culture and software to the greatest number of people. Thanks to your donations, we are also present at many events in the field.

Consolidation of existing projects
Framalibre, Framabook, Framablog, De-google-ify Internet, Contributopia… would not exist without you. Make them live on!

Financing physical supports
It is costly to produce free-libre USB keys, books : help us maker this transition from digital to material projects.

Technical support and maintenance
More than 54 free-libre projects deployed on 48 virtual machines require mobilization of employees and volunteers to meet the needs of users and contributors.

Supporting free-libre initiatives
We host many sites (Geektionnerd, Veni Vidi Libri, NoéNaute), relay La Quadrature du Net activism actions, teem up with April, AFUL, the CHATONS collective… We work in synergy with the other actors of the Free-Libre activism in France.

Develop innovative projects
The projects of our campaign “Contributopia” need your support to get out of the closet and grow.